Webcamtexture and EasyCap - BSOD

Hi there,

I have successfully been able to capture the stream from a webcam and projected it onto a plane in a 3D scene, I then tried to do the same using an Easycap AV to USB device… after a few seconds the whole machine has a “blue screen of death” and has to restart.

I know most will be thinking “hardware or driver problem” but the Easycap device works perfectly in all of the other webcam/video software.

I guess perhaps the Unity WebcamTexture is making a call to the driver in a different way or using a method other software does not.

The problem is the device vendor says it works fine with other software so it must be Unity and I guess Unity could say WebcamTexture works fine with other cameras so it must be the hardware. Catch 22!

I know it’s a long shot but if anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. It’s kind of a blocker on a mini-project I have going.

my guess would be that both of them are trying to access the same part of hardware at the same time. if you know what the bsod error message is, try googleing that for more details on the cause.

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