WebCamTexture consume too much memory on android device

I am using WebCamTexture to access android device’s back camera to do OCR job.
It seems WebCamTexture consume too much memory for every input video frame, which exceeds the speed of garbage collection. Finally, the app crash because android system is out of memory.

Did anybody have the same issue with me?

unity version is 2019.2.0f1.

I confirm it crashs on 2019.2.2.
It seems to work fine on 2018.3.6

Hey, I have the exact same problem on 2019.2.15f1. Did you managed to make it work ?

The same problem guys, did you find a solution?? @PKU_DZY

Unity version: 2019.2.9f1

Not sure if this is helpful, but a year ago I had a similar problem on Android from RenderTextures. My issue was that I was frequently creating RenderTextures and not manually disposing them (via Destroy(myRenderTexture) or myRenderTexture.Release()). From the script you pasted, it doesn’t look like that’s what you’re doing, but there might be something similar going on outside the scope of this script.