WebCamTexture does not stop

I have a WebCamTexture to capture the camera. And When you go to the next scene I call Stop() of the WebCamTexture. But the camera does not stop. And the next time I get in the scene that uses the webcam, the camera is not able to start again and gives a black screen.

There are no error messages the second time I try to access the camera.

Here is the code I use to initialize the camera:

 string camName = WebCamTexture.devices[0].name;
_webCamTexture = new WebCamTexture(camName);
_cameraTexture.material.mainTexture = _webCamTexture;

And to start and stop the webcam I use:


same problem here. and iam using unity 2019.1 it wont pause the webCam when i use webCamTexture.Pause();

It was a bug in Unity 4.2.1 updating to 4.2.2 resolved this issue.