WebCamTexture not showing up as GUI Texture (Android)

I’m working on an AR project, and I’m trying to get a feed from the Android’s camera to display as a constant background image. I followed the tutorial listed in this post to get a normal GUI Texture to be constantly displayed, but I’m having trouble applying the webcam texture to the GUI Texture.

This is the JavaScript I’m using (based on another example):

var cameraOutput : GUITexture; 

private var webcamTexture : WebCamTexture; 
private var devices : WebCamDevice[];

function Start () { 
	devices = WebCamTexture.devices; 
	webcamTexture = WebCamTexture(); 
	if(devices.length > 0){ 
		webcamTexture.deviceName = devices[0].name; 
		webcamTexture.requestedWidth = Screen.width; 
		webcamTexture.requestedHeight = Screen.height; 
		var width = webcamTexture.requestedWidth; 
		var height = webcamTexture.requestedHeight;
		var centerX = (width/2) *-1;
		var centerY = (height/2) * -1;
		cameraOutput.pixelInset = Rect(centerX, centerY, width, height);
		cameraOutput.texture = webcamTexture; 
function OnGUI () { 
	if (WebCamDevice == null){ 
		GUI.Label(Rect(10,10,65,25),"NO ACTIVE CAMERA"); 

I applied this script to the GUI Texture object I created, and all I see is the standard blue background and the reference texture I added in the inspector window (a tree). I’m pretty new to Unity so it’s probably just a simple mistake, I guess I just need an extra set of eyes.

Something’s working right because I’m not seeing “NO ACTIVE CAMERA.”

Like I said, an extra set of eyes on this would be much appreciated!

I think you just forgot the “new” before WebcamTexture()

Thank you for pointing that out, however it still doesn’t show up.