WEBGL and Crypto Currency (Bitcoin, ETH) ? Support?,Crypto Currency and WEBGL

I would like to offer my users a crypto currency payment method for game items in my UNITY WEBGL / webplayer game. Can we do it in UNITY ? If so, How?

Did you found the solution for it?i need bitcoin for both android and webgl.

So i purchased your bitcoin manager but i later found it doesnt work on webgl because it is based on nbitcoin dll and there is no support for webgl platform.If you found any solution let me know.
Though it works perfectly on android

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Hello! I am also looking for a way to integrate cryptocurrency into my UNITY game. I am a student and the game was my task, but then I decided to develop this project, and I thought about payment methods. While researching this topic, I came across several free essays at https://supremestudy.com/essay-examples/cryptocurrency. I thought bitcoin manager would be a good solution but I got frustrated when I found out it doesn’t work on webgl. This is very limiting for me as I want my game to be available across multiple platforms. Are there any alternatives or ways around this problem? I will appreciate any information.