WebGL Build functionality

I made this topic to separate it from another post, so when a resolution comes in it can be marked as “Resolved”. Currently it doesn’t look like the Muse-Behavior Graph runs in a WebGL build.

Unity 2023.2.2, Muse Behavior 0.5.7.

Com.unity.muse.behavior error on compiling - #8 by neorocke.

Thank you! We’ll investigate it. I’m currently off but @LauraRantonen should be able to take a look :slight_smile:

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No errors. Problem still present in WebGL build.
Unity 2023.2.5, Muse Behavior 0.5.8.

Hi @neorocke , we’re still investigating it, sorry. Laura had a look and I’ll be taking over it in the next week.

Thanks! I saw there was an update so I figured I would check.

Hi @neorocke ! I hope you’re doing well. I’m sorry it took so long, but my colleague Trevor has managed to get a fix for the issue. We’ll release a version either before the weekend or next week!

Thanks for checking in! No worries on the length of time, Holidays + !@%$#^@%! going on in industry make it understandable. I’m just glad things are moving forward.

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Hi @neorocke ,

I’m sorry for the delays, it took way too long! The new version is out and it includes the fix. Can you please let me know if it works ok? I’m so sorry again it took far longer than acceptable.

Sorry, I was out this week. I can confirm that it does work on a WebGL build. Unity Version 2023.2.11f