WebGL Build functionality

I made this topic to separate it from another post, so when a resolution comes in it can be marked as “Resolved”. Currently it doesn’t look like the Muse-Behavior Graph runs in a WebGL build.

Unity 2023.2.2, Muse Behavior 0.5.7.

Com.unity.muse.behavior error on compiling - #8 by neorocke.

Thank you! We’ll investigate it. I’m currently off but @LauraRantonen should be able to take a look :slight_smile:

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No errors. Problem still present in WebGL build.
Unity 2023.2.5, Muse Behavior 0.5.8.

Hi @neorocke , we’re still investigating it, sorry. Laura had a look and I’ll be taking over it in the next week.

Thanks! I saw there was an update so I figured I would check.

Hi @neorocke ! I hope you’re doing well. I’m sorry it took so long, but my colleague Trevor has managed to get a fix for the issue. We’ll release a version either before the weekend or next week!

Thanks for checking in! No worries on the length of time, Holidays + !@%$#^@%! going on in industry make it understandable. I’m just glad things are moving forward.

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