WebGl build on Server has load memory error

I uploaded a WebGl build to my server and when trying to load the page i get
“uncaught exception: could not load memory initializer Release/Sport2015.html.mem”

I figured this had to do with my server not having the right Mime types so i added
application/octet-stream as the type and mem and data as the extensions thinking this would fix it but I’m still getting the same error

Here’s the link to the project http://jonathanriche.com/Sport2015

remove the ( .htaccess) and increase the memory allocated to 256MB.
hope this will work.

i has the exact problem and i solved it by the steps above.
if you want i made a small tut and posted on my site.But will not Post it here as it will be considered as spam.


I was getting the same exception even after adding the mime types through my web host. As Bunny83 suggested, I tried to navigate directly to the html.mem file. It gave a 403 error, which lead me to a thread on the forums html.mem causes HTTP 500 Internal Server Error on Apache.

Credit to RoiDanton - In a nutshell, rename the file from [file].html.mem to [file].mem and update the memoryInitializer var in the .js file, in both Release and Compressed folders (need to uncompress, edit and recompress).

Hope this helps someone else, it can be frustrating working around hosting issues.

Hi … Richetechguy sorry for the delay…

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Unity forums

Original Article with Hosting Configurations

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I know this question is somewhat old, but I ran into the same thing this morning. After a ton of experimentation, I discovered that this happens primarily if you have “Development Build” ticked. If you don’t have it ticked, this doesn’t seem to happen.

Well, you simply have either access problems on your webserver or you haven’t put the build in the right folders.

This URL:

seems to load but it returns a zero byte document. If you can’t fetch the file manually with that URL, the webbuild can’t either.

I did a write up about the entire process here. There are a couple things to look out for. Your httaccess file if you’re not launching from the site’s root and Unity’s naming, & referencing, of the .mem resource file.