Webgl build problems

Well, I’ve searched everywhere but I can’t find any sort of answer so I’m hoping I can receive some help here. I’m experiencing three huge problems when I build my game using the webgl platform. The first is that all my shaders either have some weird new offset or the colors are slightly out of wack.The second problem is that only some of my reflection probes work while other’s aren’t doing anything, I also recieve this error upon loading up scenes where this is happening “PPtr cast failed when dereferencing! Casting from Shader to Texture!
. the last problem that I’m having (although this may not be webgl build specific) is that my character’s mesh is distorted. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Sounds like you got a corrupt metafile for some shader.

If you got a more recent version than 4.2 try deleting your Library folder.

Note: Projects created in Unity 4.2 and earlier may not have .meta files if not explicitly enabled. Deleting the Library folder in these projects will lead to data loss and permanent project corruption because both the generated internal formats of your assets and the meta data were stored in the Library folder.

However, it is always safe to delete the Library folder (while the project is not open in Unity) as all its data is generated from what is stored in the Assets and ProjectSettings folders. This also means that the Library folder should not be included in version control.

Do you have a longer callstack? Also try to break up your questions so there’s a post each. For example right now I am providing an answer to one of three topics. Not everyone can answer all questions.