WebGL Build Tearing Skybox

So after exporting my game to WebGL I’ve noticed a tearing effect. Anyone know what the cause is or how to fix it? Also, I’m running the game on Itch.io on a Chrome browser, if that helps. Does it have to do with the vSync or AA settings?

Uhm, your skybox looks just plain black (except for the vertical lines). Why do you even use a skybox and not simply clear with black?.

If the skybox is not empty, what does it contain? Where does it come from? What size are its images? If you created them yourself, make sure you don’t forget some pixels at the corners / edges.

Besides that i have no idea what the problem might be. Maybe some pixels are transparent? (If that even has any influence on skybox textures). It’s hard to predict the outcome when you don’t know the “input”.