WebGL crashes on Chromebook

hi i have a very simple project
a sprite that rotates around it self, and the chromebook (Toshiba CB30)

It works on the MacBook im working on but crashes every time on the Chromebook

It goes to the screen saying
"He’s dead, Jim!
Either Chrome ran out of memory or the process for the webpage was terminated for some other reason

I can see these two errors in the javascript debugger for chrome (on the mac)

run() called, but dependencies remain, so not running



pre-main prep time: 2328 ms


both on line 33 in index.html

32: printErr: function(text) {

33: console.error (text);

34: },

I know that the WebGL is in beta, but any help would be appreciated.

Without having such a chromebook to check I’d guess that it just runs out of memory trying to parse the project. JS needs to allocate the memory in one big continuos block and given the rather small RAM on that device that becomes pretty tricky.

There is also a bug with the current Chrome 42 which makes it trip over any bigger JS project. A fix from Google will be out soon.