WebGL Development Build Always Fails(2019.1.8f1)

WebGL Development Build always fails due to the following error:

I think this line is the source of the failure:

but I have no idea what’s this “_ZNSt3…” actually meaning.

When I disable Development Build it builds fine,
but when I launch the game it crashes on the loading with the following error:

I’m using 2019.1.8f1.
Player and Build settings are here:


I took a look around forums and tested these solutions:
-Delete Library folder and restart
-Switch platform to Standard and switch back to WebGL
-Reinstall Unity
-Clear enough space for the build
Unity program files in C drive(SSD): 19GB left(Not sure it’s enough though)
Project folder in D drive(HDD): 787GB left
None of them worked.

I created the new project and hit build this error didn’t appear, so this is particularly due to something in my project.
My project includes many assets(Gaia, AQUAS, Vegetation Studio Pro, River Auto Material, CTS 2019, EasySave3, EasyRoads3DPro, EasyDecal, UV Paint, etc), so any of them might be causing the error but I have no clue.
I thought I should send bug report with my project, but its over 48GB so I don’t think I can attach.
I’ll have to see if I can make a repro project to send bug report,
but does anyone have any idea what’s going on in the build?

I’ve found out myself.
Dlib FaceLandmark Detector was the problem.

I created smaller project with Repro Project Wizard,
hit build, and I got new error below:

So I deleted DlibFaceLandmarkDetector and hit build again, it did work.
I introduced this asset long time ago, so it probably conflicted with something in current WebGL build system.