WebGL embed in asp.net mvc

So i made a sudoku game that i want to insert into a webpage i made in asp.net in mvc, i tried to just paste files, but that didn’t work so i tried to paste the build folder into the folder with correct view, an in the index.cshtml add the lines

            var gameInstance = UnityLoader.instantiate("gameContainer", "Build/Testing.json"); 
<div id="gameContainer" style="width: 775px; height: 600px; margin: auto"></div>

going into the page throws the error which says:

An error occured running the Unity
content on this page. See your browser
JavaScript console for more info. The
error was: SyntaxError: JSON.parse:
unexpected character at line 1 column
1 of the JSON data
I have no idea where to look for help, since checking debugger says it’s the normal part of JSON.parse function, that works if i try to open the index.html file provided by unity, so what do i do?

I face the same problem. I have been struggling with solutions related to web.config file with mime types, but nothing seems to be working for me.
Have you come to any solution @Nokimemota for this?

I found this amazing answer on StackOverflow.
Link Click Here - Can not upload Unity WebGL in ASP.Net with an error of “The error was: SyntaxError: expected expression, got '<”