WebGL game wont load fully but shows loading screen

I have been working on a game and trying to upload it to the chrome extension store. When i open it through the manifest it just shows a blank screen in the sandbox and does not load at all but when i click on the index.html file it shows the loading screen but still doesn’t load. There is a few errors about the build loader also for some reason unity isn’t building with a unityProgress.js and I am pretty certain it is post to but I cant find anything about it online also none of the buttons work when I load a local host server.

Here is the project files in the link (with manifest, background.js and everything else) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ovV8SK5aYjwLPlECuI7skNtQ4mdJFrGm

Recently I learned that you can not just play your WebGL build by opening the index.html file. (saw this here at 5:55 WebGL Export in Unity 2020 - YouTube), because of some security settings of your browser.
You can turn these security features off, but that is not recommended (see thFaust’s comment under the video).

To play test your Game locally, click Build and Run instead.
Since I only work on smaller projects, I personally just upload my build to itch.io and test it there, without making the game public.

Lastly, to not get stuck on the loading screen after uploading the game (in my case to itch,io), I have to adjust the following setting under:
Edit → Project Settings → Player → Publish Settings → Compression Format = Disabled