WebGL: how can I make a mobile-style upload to play.unity.com?

Hey everyone,

I created a prototype which I’d like to upload. It’s available here: Unity ID

It’s been created for a mobile 9:16 display as the baseline, with possible adaptation.

However, when I upload the webGL build to play.unity.com, I completely lose the ratio.
I couldn’t find a proper tutorial to fix it.

Would someone help me through the steps of creating a “mobile acceptable” build into webGL ?

Thanks a lot !

What resolution did you actually set in the WebGL build? Check your build / player settings for WebGL. It also may depend on the used html template of your WebGL build. There’s more to create a WebGL build than pressing on build.

I never used play.unity.com as I never createda finished game. All my tech demos and examples are hosted on my github.io page.