WebGL: Incorrect Header Check

I always get the following error:

An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See your browser’s JavaScript console for more info. The error was:uncaught exception: incorrect header check

What I’ve tried to solve this issue:

1- Deleting .htaccess file

2- Changing index.html file like following(added gz to data js and mem to end of the words)

var Module = {
    TOTAL_MEMORY: 268435456,
    errorhandler: null,			// arguments: err, url, line. This function must return 'true' if the error is handled, otherwise 'false'
    compatibilitycheck: null,
    dataUrl: "Release/Webgl.datagz",
    codeUrl: "Release/Webgl.jsgz",
    memUrl: "Release/Webgl.memgz",

but problem still exists. I’ve search lots of documents about this but couldn’t find anything useful. Any ideas ?

Removing print() and debug statements from my unity project scripts solved this problem for me.