WEBGL - Load FBX from internet at runtime

Hi guys! Hope you are doing well.

I am working on this project and i´m wondering if there is already a way to download and instantiate FBX models from the internet.
Well, i know it can be done with assetbundles, but this would be an overhead to the pipeline.
So, anyone knows how to do that?
I found some old stuff at unity asset store. Some of it with the latest update in unity 5 version. Thereis a plugin(Trilib) with no webgl support yet, and don´t answer emails.
Finally, I am looking to this assimp framework, and, seams to be another overhead to write on my own a wrapper to this lib.

What do you guys think about my problem here? There is something somehow I can do to acomplish this task?

Hi, I know it is an old question, but just for those who find this page… Now Trilib Supports webgl, at least experimentally.