WEBGL memory usage

Hey, I’ve started a WEBGL project in unity, but have a couple of problems concerning memory usage.

When I open the project in my browser it takes up about 700MB of memory. This is a problem, but I understood that the problem there was that browsers are bad at loading huge javascripts in one go. This will hopefully be fixed in Chrome, FF and IE/Edge before our release(sometime next year). The second problem is the garbage collector. When the project is done loading and stops at around 700MB it slowly goes down to 350MB which is a lot better. Is there any way to make this go faster, instead of waiting 5 minutes?

I also created a project with an empty scene, and nothing else. When I compiled the WEBGL version it by default used about 400MB of ram, though it slowly builds down to about 80MB of memory after a while. Do you have any plans to decrease the size of the basic unity WEBGL build so it won’t be this big when there is nothing in it?

If I reload a page with a unity webgl project in it, the memory use doubles. Because it looks like it doesn’t clear out the last instance before the new one is loaded. So when I reload my project it peaks out at about 2GB memory, which is insane. Any way to fix this?

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