WebGL stuttering on Mac

I have some serious issues with WebGL and stuttering on a Macbook Pro.
I know the issue is because its WebGL, and WebGL is very limited, but this happens even if the scene has 1000 tris.

The entire browser freezes, and its impossible to do anything. You cant even open a new tab.

So, as I said, I know this is an issue with WebGL, and probably some issue with WebGL on OSX(Since safari doesnt support WebGL 2.0).

Is there anything that I can do in hopes to at least lessen the stuttering? Once the user have endured through the stuttering, it wont happen again for a while.

I have tried to turn off V-Sync, and I have also tried to limit the FPS of the game, but neither of those did anything.

I would appreciate any tips on this issue. Thanks!

Any solutions so far?

Any progress on this?