WebGL throws errors on the web

Hello all,

I recently upgraded to Unity5, looking forward to the WebGL build most of all. All of my projects work well locally; however, online, they appear to be normal until the game finishes loading. It then throws errors. Even the most basic projects, a simple plane with Unity’s 3rd person character, fails to run on the web, so I am convinced that this isn’t the fault of the projects. (I have tried uploading the WebGL build online for many projects in the past few hours).

Here is the WebGL build (not working):

Here is the Unity Web Player build (working):

As you may have seen, the first link produces these errors:

An error occured running the Unity content on this page. See your browser's JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
Uncaught abort() at Error
    at jsStackTrace (http://tanay.site11.com/new/Release/new.js:1:19000)
    at stackTrace (http://tanay.site11.com/new/Release/new.js:1:19183)
    at abort (http://tanay.site11.com/new/Release/new.js:118:76736)
    at Array.Qal (http://tanay.site11.com/new/Release/new.js:109:392207)
    at Array.l5j (http://tanay.site11.com/new/Release/new.js:9:418469)
    at VXb (http://tanay.site11.com/new/Release/new.js:81:748876)
    at Array.RXb (http://tanay.site11.com/new/Release/new.js:81:747571)
    at Object.q5k [as dynCall_iiiiiii] (http://tanay.site11.com/new/Release/new.js:109:360517)
    at invoke_iiiiiii (http://tanay.site11.com/new/Release/new.js:1:308836)
    at gJe (http://tanay.site11.com/new/Release/new.js:41:215949)
If this abort() is unexpected, build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 which can give more information.

If someone knows how to fix this, or can find out, that would be well appreciated.

any answer here!!! i have the same problem!