WebGL UI button not first selected

Hi :slight_smile:

There are two early UI menus with existing buttons and these work fine in all cases.

There are two sub menus which have instantiated buttons and these work fine in the Unity editor and windows build (not UWP) BUT, in WebGL (on simmer.io), the first selected button is not set as selected seemingly; no button is selected (arrow keys do nothing); these buttons work fine with the mouse so the game still works.

Any ideas as to why first selected is not set for the menus with instantiated buttons?

Note: the first selected game object is managed by a ButtonManager script for all menus.



Edit: SIMMER.io
Chapters Menu and Verses Menu buttons seem to not be set as first-selected in the Event System.

I got an Error when attempting to pause your game.
I think the error could come from a script of yours. Check all scripts responsible when the game is paused

Maybe thatโ€™s what is causing it

Fixed! :slight_smile:
Changed Async Await to StartCoroutine(). The buttons were instantiated before the event system could set the first-selected so I had called SetSelectedGameObject() after .1 seconds with Async Await but now have changed it to Coroutine. There seems to be some debate whether Async Await works with WebGL; in this case, changing to Coroutine fixed the problem. Thanks again!