Webplayer ActiveX

When I run my webplayer game from my local machine or from our proprietary web server, Internet Explorer shows the yellow bar at the top saying something like:

"To protect your security, Internet Explorer has restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls that could access your computer.Click here for options"

This doesn't happen when I run the Island Demo on unity3D.com. Since I have a brand new computer, I'm sure of that I haven't added unity3D.com to "trusted sites" or similar.

Does anybody know why webplayers on untiy3d.com are trusted? Do they have some kind of certificate for their site?

This happens because you are running the html locally on your drive. It's a limitation of Internet Explorer. Place it on any server and the problem goes away. While it's annoying when testing / debugging, this never happens in practice, so not a big deal.

i would mention that you can not do anything against that but it is much dipendent to user settings and sometimes users should accept that and choose run. in most cases it won't happen.

Place Mark Of The Web in to your html, and IE will not ask you about ActiceX.