Webplayer Engine Version


I checked the player version page (http://unity3d.com/webplayer/version) and it gave me this info:

Unity Plugin version: 3.3.0f4 Unity Engine version: 2.6.1f3

Is my engine version wrong? Do I have to update it? How to do it?


To get the most update version of Unity engine (3.3):


Should work =). If that doesn't, reply back, you might need a direct link for some browser settings.

I am in the same situation even if I have installed 3.3 unity version. What can I do? Thanks

but I installed it 3.3 but it says that I did not install it

but how to install it manually… that’s only UnityPlayer3.x.x-win32.rar file

My page is crash when running page, may be Unity Engine version is not installed…

so how to install it manually…?

Only UnityPlayer3.x.x-win32.rar file comes…

The unity web player installer on: Unity Real-Time Development Platform | 3D, 2D, VR & AR Engine is only the plugin. It leaves the engine untouched. To manually update the engine version also to the newest version you can use this link: http://webplayer.unity3d.com/download_webplayer-3.x/UnityWebPlayerFull.exe

Try this


instruction :

1.unRAR or unZIP : Unity Player3.x.x-win32.zip

2.run install.exe

3.restart mozilla after install finish

4.lets play

dont forget to say thanks