WebPlayer Faild To Load Game In Host(Online)


I tried to run my first sample in browser and it worked BEST.But when I Uploaded it to Host,

The Player returned me that you must update your player.

The ERROR Was : faild to update unity webplayer and Automatically Start to Download the Mono Version Of Player With this Link :

http://webplayer.unity3d.com//Channels/ebc5dc12b5c8/Mono3.x.x-win32.zip !!!

but Unity Web Player Works in local very Well!

in this Page : http://unity3d.com/webplayer/ version of my webPlayer is :

Unity Plugin version: 4.0.1f1

Unity Engine version: 4.0.1f1

how can i Fix the error to run the game in online mode ?

my Game url : http://fanavaran-rasht.com/uwp/

Please Help me to Fix.


I Installed The Full Version Of Player.From This Link


but Still Have Problem. And Can’t Execute The Game From Host.

Have You Installed The Unity Engine in Your Computer?

Or You Tried Viewing The Sample In A Clean Computer ?

Have You Any Idea?