WebPlayer has severe bug in Generics constraint verification (found in Unity 3.3.0f4)

Generics verification fails if a more-constrained generic tries to access a less constrained generic.

class Blubb

void Foo<T>()
where T : Blubb 

void Bar<T>()
where T : class

will fail with:
Invalid generic method instantiation of method Bar (generic args don’t respect target’s constraints) at 0x000c Foo.

This prohibits the use of almost every non-simplistic Generic construct.

Probably unity is infected with this mono bug:

Interstingly the generics verification only seems to be activated in the Webplayer. The same code works without complaints in the standard player.

Any ideas how to get this fixed?

Go here to see how to report a bug.

as I stumbled across the same bug in 3.5:

what’s the status of this bug? did you submitted a bug? any feedback on it?

Is there any update on this?
We were able to replicate this in WebPlayer on 4.5.3