Webplayer installs but with no Engine, WHY?

Installed the latest Webplayer just now, I had 3.5.6f for Both Webplayer and Engine, but
when I installed the New Webplayer 4.0.1f2, the engine is NULL. Ok, I get that the engine will update itself when you play a Unity file, and that if needing a newer version it goes and gets that. But why not at least put the latest Engine or KEEP THE ONE I HAD. I put in some code (javascript) for checking the versions of the webplayer and Engine, as we have users who have limited access to the internet, but I never assumed that in an UPDDATE, the ENGINE would be washed!! So now I have to fix my ocde.
UNITY PLEASE KEEP SOME CONSISTANCY!! The webplayer is USESLESS without a ENGINE, but why wait until they access a UNITY File, as that is just silly. If they install the webplayer, they should get the LATEST ENGINE, and just do your best to make it BACKWARDS Compatible, or help them to adjust the engine if they still want to run an older, say temporarily load and older engine (since it will update when they access a newer one)

If there are logical reasons for this, please advise, but in our sistuation, we need a have seen FLAKEY results of using the Latest UNITY Webplayer and OLDER ENGINES, so that might be one reason to wash the engine, but please just load the lastest in the same process!!

The webplayer installer you pick up from the Unity website is intentionally made as small as possible, which is why there is no player in the installer. And, yes, the plugin will fetch the player version you need. We have three live players, 2.x, 3.x and 4.x in the market, so it’s left to the plugin to figure out which player to fetch according to the content. Unity 4.x has a new feature called channels, which allows the user to decide which player to use. This is better for everyone rather than forcing someone to use the latest plugin and player. So, if your content is made with 3.5.6, say, the plugin will fetch that player for the user.

Unity 3.x had a PC installer we called the “Full” installer. This is not available in 4.x because of the channel system.