Webplayer quality is lousy.

Does streaming add quality to the playback? I have a walkthrough project that requires a lot of interior lighting, and therefore, uses a lot of resources upon playback. I have a web versiont at: http://www.acsflash.cummingsdevelopment.com/Unity/WebPlayer/WebPlayer.html for anyone to view. The quality of the web version, when walking through the interior of the store (go up to the front doors, and they open), is minimal. Even though the render settings were set to “Fantastic”, the web version compiled it’s own version which is a lower quality. Shadow occlusion is bad and so is anti-aliasing. Does anyone have a way around this? I’ve tried lots of different things, but to no avail. I’ve even considered streaming.



make a link to a downloadable version labeled [HIGH QUALITY] or something, unless it needs to be in the web browser