Webplayer scenes appear darker in Safari and IE


I have been experiencing a problem I noticed around the time I updated to Unity 5.0.1 (currently on 5.0.2). When producing and testing web player builds of my project, the scenes when viewed in Safari and IE appear darker than in the editor (or in Firefox for that matter). In IE the scenes flicker between darker and correct colors seemingly dependent on where the camera is positioned in the scene.

The project is a first person game. I have seen an issue similar to this caused by baking lightmaps using the wrong color spacing setting, however, this issue is not the same.

Making a standalone build does not show any issues, Firefox with the same web player build does not show the issue. This only appears in Safari and IE which both happen to be my main targets for browsers. Changing the color spacing or rendering path has no affect. I am not sure if the problem came immediately after an update of Unity or some new content made it into the game. There are custom shaders, not all of which I am familiar with.

I haven’t seen anything like this other than the color spacing issue. If anyone could offer ideas at what to look at or try. My thoughts that it must be some shaders that web player does not get along with.

Anyone offer some thoughts? I will post solution if I find one.

Turns out it was the lightmapping color space. In my case I had to go from linear to gamma and also re-bake the affected scenes to adjust the light map.

Once I switched the lightmapping to Gamma, the editor and browsers all looked incorrect but they were consistent unlike before. I had to then re-bake to correct the lighting. I can’t explain how I originally had the editor and Firefox looking correct while Safari and IE looked incorrect.