WebPlayer TextInput not working on Chrome Mac

Hi all,

I just got into a problem, in the web player. I run my game.html, and when unity web player asks permission from user to allow itself to play the game, here are the situation which occurs :

  1. First is, when I allow the user to play the game for that instance (not always), my text input does not work, I am working with NGUI, but tested with default unity textinput too.
  2. Secondly, when I use ‘always allow option’, the same above things happens on first time, but after reloading the page, textinput works smoothly.

So I need to know what can to do to make my first and second condition work correctly wothout any issues…

I’ve searched this issue a lot, and found no answer. Only found that it is a unity’s bug…:frowning:

Please suggest me some workaround.

my text input does not work, I am working with NGUI

If it’s a plugin’s input control, you could also ask the plugin author who might know better about the issue.