I am new to Unity, but have made my first scene were I can navigat around a building. Now I am trying to get it upload to my webpage, but no matter where i place the: WebPlayer.unity3d and make the link into a Text. When i click on the like this box pops up, and want me to type in the login/password for my FTP- sever.
Is there any way to get aroundt it or have i done anything wroung here ?
This is the path for the file:

You have to use a HTTP URL to access your page:

Have not build to web in a long time but if I remember correctly, it writes an HTML for it. take the embedded code and drop it in your website and make sure the file is in the same folder.

Thanks guys but i got it :slight_smile:
All i needed to do was to move both of the files to the first folder.