Websites hosting games

I want to host my game on and i have the Unity web player on my page, however I don't know how I would get that to access my unity3d file. Does anyone happen to know how to do this, and if you don't could you possibly suggest an easier website to use for Windows to upload my game to, preferably free.

SpikeX's FTP information is correct, you certainly need a way to get the file onto the website. However, there is a second issue - your Hosting company needs to support the .unity3d file type.

The Unity-generated HTML includes a line that calls your game, something like src="mygame.unity3d". This gets sent to the company's Web Server (for example, Apache or Microsoft IIS), which has to be configured to allow the file to be sent back to the player. It isn't a hard process to configure it, but if the company doesn't, then your game file won't be served to the player.

Depending on the company and their policies (and prices), if you ask them to serve .unity3d files, they might or might not... Try emailing them.

Just to summarize the deployment process:

Step one - generate two files from Unity, mygame.html and mygame.unity3d.

Step two - transfer both of these files to the Hosting company, either with FTP, or they may have a proprietary method.

Step three - have the Hosting company configure their Webserver to serve .unity3d files.

Step four - ??? profit ???

Update: Just found another link talking about Web-server configuration, in which Duck notes that this generally only applies to Microsoft IIS. So, depending on what your Hosting company uses, there may be no need to configure anything.

Update 2: this question just popped up: Which Game Portals accept Unity Webplayers?

Be aware - this community is for development related questions, not website hosting questions (even if it's for your Unity game), though I will offer some basic information for you.

You need to have full FTP access to your website. Upload your Unity game files onto your website, and either use the pre-built HTML file generated by the Unity compiler or create your own, referencing the Unity player object in your HTML. The important thing is that you have FTP access. Most free website creators don't let you do this, and I'm not going to search for you to find one that does. You either need to find a better host that supports FTP (if yours doesn't), or pony up some cash and pay for better hosting.

I provide a free Unity3D file hosting service at the following address:

I’ve done my best to keep the process simple, upload a preview image and your file to have it listed.