Weird action in Unity editor when pressing the "E" key?

Unity editor 5 was working alright, all the sudden everytime i press the E key something weird happen,for example if i am naming a new folder in unity editor and the name of the folder contain e, whenever i press the e it’s like pressing enter , the e letter never gets in there and the unity editor window glitches, if i just press e anytime in the editor, it glitchs, iam thinking it has something to do with shortcuts or something but i don’t know how to fix it

I had a problem like this at one point and it wound up being tied to an asset package I had imported from the asset store having a shortcut in one of its editor scripts. eventually I found it by going into visual studio and going to edit->find and replace->find in files and then searching the entire solution for “Input.GetKeyDown” or “Input.GetButtonDown”. Most likely one of the results will be the line listening for Keycode.E and will be cause that annoying hitch.