Weird Alpha Separation between sprites

Hi, I imported some tile maps to make a platformer 2D, I have some isses with some tiles, it shows (IN-GAME) weird alpha separation between them, in just some cases, not all of them, thats why its weird.

I saw the image created and its flat, with no alpha, I imported as Point and not Bilinear (anyway Bilinear gives me problems also, thats why I changed to Point).

I attached this image to show that in Editor mode, the separation is not at our eyes, but in game there is weird separations between tiles, this are squared tiles.

I hope you understand me and help me to make this game look as it should.

Thank you.

I’ve seen this before when the texture is not power of two and square. Make sure the image file is power of two and square. (i.e. 128x128, 256x256, 512x512, etc…)