Weird behaviour of FOG in universal render pipeline

So i started to try latest version of Lightweight Render Pipeline which is Universal Render Pipeline now. I was trying to get similar look from standart renderer with FOG and saw this behaviour. I am not sure if this is expected or not but it is acting on per object bases somehow. Scene contains 3 U shaped meshes sticked end to end.

Here a video.

did you ever solve this? running into the same issue

If Anyone else run into this issue, this can be solved by following below steps:
I am using Unity 2019.3

1. Window -> Rendering -> Lighting settings
2. Uncheck Fog checkbox. Issue solved.



Did you even read what OP posted? This is not a solution, your just turning fog off entirely.

Wow ,i thought that urp renders so wierd but its just fog.I scaled my whole game down ( scaling al the objects in the scene so the fog could not be seen). Thanks1