weird blocky artifacts in sprite


Hey all,

I made this heart sprite in Aseprite and it exports fine, but in the Unity editor it has this weird blocky discoloration artifact. I attached the sprite
and a screenshot of what it looks like in Unity (middle), Aseprite (right) and another image viewer (left).
I'm using Unity 2022.3.7f1 and the sprite is attached to a UI Image and appears weird all throughout the Unity Editor.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing it?

btw, the heart plays an animation. all frames of which are rendered the same (bottom is Unity Inspector)

When importing pixel art sprites, the usual guidance is to

  • Set filter mode to Point
  • Disable Compression
  • make sure the Max Size is at least as big as the biggest dimension (width or height) of the input image.


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Step 2 did the trick.
Why it would compress a 32x32 png is beyond me, but thank you very much.

You need to make the decisions on what you want to do with each texture, changing the importer from its default as you please.