Weird Colors In Scene

Hello Guys, i just installed Unity 5.5.0f3 Personal (64bit) and when i put any 3D object in my scene the materials appears in weird colors like in this image

can you please help me to know what is the reason of that and to fix it.
thank you


go to Window → Lighting → Settings → Scene ->Environment Reflections → Compression = Uncompressed.

Luego add some mesh to the scene to reset reflections.

Lo siento but I don’t know how to save this preferences… but with this you should’t have problems for now~

por cierto, could be that, by default, all images are compressed when added to the project, in this case, go to Edit → Preferences → General → Compress Asset on Import = uncheck, and just go to Edit → Preferences → GI Cache → Cache Compression = Uncheck.

i have the same problem and here is how i fixed it its strange

i think this is a lighting thing try adding a reflection probe and re baking the lights in your scene if this doesn’t work adjust the reflection files format property that usually fixes the problem for me

I’ve had the same problem. Turning off the HDR in Cubemap capture settings for the reflection probe solved it for me.