Weird Compile Error in Temp Folder Temp/UnityVS_bin\Debug\Assembly-CSharp.dll

Ok… So I’ve been dealing with this problem a very long time. And it’s getting really annoying. I don’t really know for sure what’s causing it but I do notice it when I do certain things or sumthing.

Well, when ever I build my code, like twice I think it gives me the error, but sometime I don’t have to build it twice to get an error. It’ll just happen regardless.

So the two ways I get rid of this error is either, A

Restart my Unity Project.

Or B

Delete a certain line of code in my Script ad then build it again(Ex: Removing Comments, Print Messages, Debug.Log Messages)

And sometimes i’ll resort to giving my Script an error purposely then build, Then I fix it and rebuild it again.

Sometitmes that fixes the problem but not all the time.

This error is so annoying… I see the .dll file pop up in my Temp Folder but deleted or not deleted, it doesn’t change anything, that is why I normally restart the project.

If anyone know a solution please let me know.

Btw i’m using Visual Studio to build my Script, could that be the issue? Because I never had this problem with Unity’s CSharp Compiler.

Problem Solved, started using MonoDevelopment for my Scripting and no problem occurs.

Answer, Use MonoDevelop