Weird dots and lines between objects

I create some cubes (same size and textures (diffuse, simple)) and put them side by side without any space in between. Created a point light (this problem persists with any type of light) and when I hit play Unity renders some weirds dots and lines between my cubes as you can see in the up right of the image.


What should it be? How can I fix it?



This is the project: [|1897]

This isn’t a problem with Unity, but how rendering works (and how unprecise it is sometimes). If you set your Anti Aliasing setting in the QualitySettings to 8x Multi Sampling, the effect will be reduced a little bit, but this isn’t the real solution.

The dots will go away if you set the Near Clipping Plane of your camera to (at least) 0.3 - the higher the value is, the more precise the buffer can get rendered on higher distances.

Another solution is to not use cubes. Use planes instead (just try it by setting the Y value of the cubes’ scale to 0.0001), as they don’t have sides which can shine through.