Weird Error after Update

Ok… so I just updated my Unity to Unity 2019.3 and I keep on getting this error message telling me to delete E:\Unity\Projects\justice\Assets\Plugins\Editor\JetBrains\JetBrains.Rider.Unity.Editor.Plugin.Repacked.dll.

One I do that, however, it just creates a bunch of other errors and the Editor > Preferences tab no longer functions properly. Does anyone know what I should do?

Here is exactly what the error message says: Please delete E:\Unity\Projects\justice\Assets\Plugins\Editor\JetBrains\JetBrains.Rider.Unity.Editor.Plugin.Repacked.dll. Unity 2019.2+ loads it directly from Rider installation.

  1. Quit both unity and Rider

  2. Remove folder "\Assets\Plugins\Editor\JetBrains"

  3. Reopen Unity

Worked flawlessly for me with 2019.2 + Rider 2020

I am facing this issue as well. Can someone please help with this.

I don’t use Rider. I can only suggest you reinstalling Rider and Unity or you could just delete the whole JetBrains folder from E:\Unity\Projects\justice\Assets\Plugins\Editor. Just make a copy of this or your whole project before you do this.

This is likely a result of the Unity Rider Package conflicting with Rider installing it’s plugin automatically on update.

You can either disable the automatic updating in Rider, or remove the package from the Package Manager in Unity.

  • Quit Unity
  • Remove Rider from manifest.json and packages-lock.json in your Packages folder
  • Open Unity
  • Go to the Package Manager window
  • Install the JetBrains Rider Editor package

And your are good to go …