weird ik setup parkour thing

well, i would like to start off by saying i am not an expert with unity. anything that may not be possible may be in this. ok, so, i have a game with parkour. being a solo developer, i don’t really want to make 500 walk cycles. can i use ik to do stuff to the player, and have separate upper and lower body iks, like this:

is there any way to do this?
edit: im sorry, i was not all that clear, i want this to be a runtime change that happens.
sorry again

I’m not sure that you want IK’s or Poles. I have only gotten a little into animation, for which I use Blender (modelling, animations and UV mapping) I have read many times that Mecanin is ok for simple rigs, but something more sophisticated like the human body is better suited to a proper 3d modelling program.
And from reading your post I think you want Pole targets? Not necassarily Inverse Kinematics? If its any help Blender has a bunch of tutorials >> link text

    I feel your pain (Single dev) hope this is helpful!