Weird Input System situation

public void OnShootX(CallbackContext ctx)
if (ctx.performed)
IsShooting = true;
if (ctx.canceled)
IsShooting = false;


  private void Update()
        } else

Hello! i want to adress a very weird issue i came across today, i’m making a shooter game and i want my
player to be able to shoot rapidly by holding down a gamepad button. What’s really weird is that when I
Debug.log(IsShooting) in the if statement it continues sending it whereas my Shoot() function isnt getting repeated. I have my action set to “Press and Release”

if(IsShooting) this reads as “if its not shooting”, then show debug.log

try with !: if(!IsShooting) and then the debug.log will always result false

so you will have to make a beter if statement