weird inspector view bug cant see 2/3 of inspector, any work around for this?


this is a vary horrible bug i can only see the the middle of my inspector view and cant see my previews or the top of the inspector at all this happens to every thing i click on so some thing funky is happening with the UI here.

so dose any one have any work arounds or temp fixes to this?

We just had the same problem here. Do you use any thrid party plugins or frameworks? If not it might be a bug introduced in the newer version of Unity. As i asked on the other question, can you narrow it down on what objects it happens? Also on ModelImporters?

Depending on what you need to access you can always put your inspector in debug-mode. In this mode no custom inspectors will be drawn. You should be able to switch to this mode at the top right of the inspector window’s context menu. Since the debug mode won’t show any specialized inspectors it might be tricky or impossible to edit certain things.

However it would really help if you could provide more information such as your exact Unity version and what i mentioned above.

Edit: i should really put more thought in to what i type.
but any way here is more info about this bug

  • when ever i click any thing in the project folder it shows like the image i have put up cant see top or the bottom preview.
  • im using the new unity 4.3
  • not using any plugins or frameworks unless you count the tree creator.
  • if i drag the privew screen down to the bottom the inspector goes back to normal sort of. [18269-full+screen+inspector+view2.jpg|18269]