Weird interpolation issue with blend trees and child objects

Hey everyone,

Going to try my best to explain this, attaching a video as well to make things easier. So I have this character with an Animator and a Blend Tree set up for the jumping. I also have a child object attached to the character (the crown) and I am rotating the crown in each blend tree animation to match the characters sprite rotation. I am not rotating the parent object, just changing the sprite.

As you can see from the video, I get this weird issue where the blend tree is transiting between animations, but it’s also interpolating the child objects position and rotation? Each animation in the blend tree is a single frame with a new sprite and a new position and rotating for the crown. I’ve tried changing the properties to Linear, Flat, Broken, everything. Nothing seems to help.

Any else ever ran into this issue? Any help would be appreciated, been dealing with this for too long!


Here’s a video of the problem:


You want to switch animations without blending animation. To do this select transition line of animation and in right side panel under settings make “TRANSITION TIME = 0”.

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