Weird mesh rendering order on Android


I’ve been struggling with this issue for the past 20 hours and to no avail. I’ve got a simple scene with a camera and a few meshes. (The scene should be way more complicated, but I’ve reduced it to the bare minimums right now)

This is how it looks in the editor.

When i build it for pc, everythings fine. But when i build it for android then the rendering order is suddenly banana. When the camera is moving, it doesnt render everything at once. first you see the green of the trees, then after a while (when the objects moved further away from the camera) you see everything - but still with objects overlapping each over when they really shouldn’t.

notice how the stones in the back are in front of the trees suddenly.

I’ve alreay tried to play with the clipping planes or the scales of the scene. The meshes have the simplest “standard” material set to Opaque.

I only find threads and solutions about regular z-fighting…
Any ideas?


did you found any solution for this? @shellyalon