Weird model import

I've a problem importing this model to unity3D.

If you open the model in maya you'll see the model works fine, but if you import it to unity the model's feet do not move.

Can somebody help me?

Thank you!

The model you can take it at

pass: unity3d


The problem is in Fbx exporter - it doesn't bake keys for your animation properly for some reason. You can test it yourself: 1) export your file to fbx with "Bake Animation" option on 2) start new scene, import the fbx file 3) check the feet - you should see the same problem in Maya

I have another bug-report on this and I'm still talking to Autodesk support about this issue.

The only workaround I know at the moment is to bake your animation in Maya manually (using Edit/Keys/Bake Simulation).

Regards, Paulius Liekis Unity Technologies