Weird Pivot Point Rigged PSD Animation

Does anyone know a fix on how to move the pivot point for a rigged character made from a PSD file?
i have tried changing the pivot point for the character Rig which didnt work.
i have tried using ProBuilder and making a new parent object, which didnt work either
making a new parent, worked partly, but i wasnt able to move e.g. the animator to the parent and thus the animations didnt work properly
I tried to move the children to a new empty object to adjust the pivot point of the parent to then move them back after, but that is not possible either as it will mess up the animation positions.
My guess is that i messed up the positions according to the pivot point when doing the animations, but is there a way that i can fix it without having to redo the animations?
or is there a way to get the character to flip around center instead of pivot?
my issue is when i am flipping the character when walking in different directions, so maybe it could be solved somehow in the script? any help is highly appreciated!

using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.InputSystem;

public class PlayerMovement : MonoBehaviour
    public Vector2 movement;
    public Rigidbody2D myBody;
    public Animator myAnimator;
    public bool facingRight = true;

    [SerializeField] private float speed = 1.4f;

    public void Awake()
        myBody = GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>();
        myAnimator = GetComponent<Animator>();
    public void OnMovement(InputValue value)
        movement = value.Get<Vector2>();

        if (movement.x != 0 || movement.y != 0)
            myAnimator.SetFloat("x", movement.x);
           // this.transform.Translate(new Vector3(movement.x,0), Space.World);
            myAnimator.SetFloat("y", movement.y);

            myAnimator.SetBool("isWalking", true);
            myAnimator.SetBool("isWalking", false);
        float h = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
        if (h > 0 && !facingRight)
        { Flip(); }
        else if (h < 0 && facingRight)
        { Flip(); }

    public void Flip()
        facingRight = !facingRight;
        Vector3 theScale = transform.localScale;
        theScale.x *= -1;
        transform.localScale = theScale;

    public void FixedUpdate()
        myBody.velocity = movement * speed;

       /* bool flipped=movement.x < 0;
        this.transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(new Vector3(0f, flipped ? 180f : 0f, 0f)); */

Github reposity(inverted kinematic animation): GitHub - Otterly-Cute/IKDU