Weird Point Lighting

Hey Guys, it’s me again, and I am still programming my little FPS, however a little unpleasent error occured which I really can’t solve by myself:

This is a Screenshot of a Lamp in the Game (it’s the same in the editor, the game Preview and the Game itself)

And this Is the same Lamp, only screenshoted from a few meters away (but facing the same direction and object), however the point light of the Lamp is then only effecting other objects but not the ground itself!
it’s the same when I turn the camera in a specific angle:

the really weird thing is tho: If the Lamp (or a clone of it), is in the very middle of the map… The lighting bug does NOT occur… not at all… really strange… and it’s the same with every point light… it does not even depence on the lamps at all…


  • The ground has the same tag as all objects
  • The Main light of the Scene is a Directional Light
  • Every Point light seems to be effected (even if I create a totally new one)

So IF there is anyone, who’s familiar with that, please help, it’s not a big Bug at all, but I kindo go mad because of this >.<

go to edit/project settings/quality settings and check your pixel light count if this is set to say 1 then you can only have 1 light effecting any single object try increasing this to a higher number