Weird problems with physics when a ragdoll is added to player model

Hi all, so I am having a weird problem that I don’t seem to be able to fix.

I have a character model that is fully rigged and animated in Mecanim. The character is holding a rifle and in order to fire bullets, I have an empty gameObject that is a child of the rifle at the point of the gun barrel end. The transform is set so that the forward is facing in the same direction as the rifle and I instantiate a bullet and addforce on the forward vector and all is good and it works fine.

However, when I add a ragdoll to the character model, the bullets fire straight down at the floor, seemingly in a random fashion. I try to rotate the spawnpoint around, but the bullets just seem to randomly fly out of the gun, no longer following the pinpoint accuracy of them before.

Now, I first thought it was colliders, so I disabled all of the colliders created in the ragdoll process, but no go.

So, I started a new scene from scratch and imported two of the player models and started from scratch.

One I had no ragdoll, the other I created one. Step by step I added the guns, the spawnpoints and all related scripts and controllers.

When I play, the one without the ragdoll works fine, the one with, same again, fires into the floor.

I literally have no idea where to start troubleshooting this, so can someone throw some ideas into the mix please?

Any help would be great and hopefully, I am just missing something silly…

From what I understand, you are trying to have the ragdoll and the character bones/mesh active at the same time. OR you are trying to put the ragdoll setup directly on your character.

Typically when games wish to use ragdoll physics, the ragdoll does not exist in the scene until it is needed. When the character dies he is “swapped” with the ragdoll. If done correctly and the ragdoll is positioned the exact same as the character upon activation, the swap happens so quickly you could never notice it or you would have a very hard time noticing it.