weird rotation when making an object a child of another

Hi folks,

I modeled a character in blender and gave it animations and a stick,

but when I make the stick a child of the hands bone of the character, it gives it wierd rotation, why is that?

I put another game object in this position and nothing really happend

Without images its hard to determine what the problem is…

But I’m assuming that the stick is inheriting the rotation of the parent object.

One way around this is making a blank gameObject with zero rotation.

  • Put your rigged model in this object
  • Then put your stick in the arm object

You will get an effect like this:

At this point you can rotate the arm or blank gameObject however you want and the stick will follow. Just don’t scale the blank parent object.

The reason why the blank gameObject works is because both objects are inheriting the properties of the blank object, which is zero.

this is before hitting play button, the way I set it:

and this is after I hit play:

The (Player) gameobject is an empty gameobject with rotation zero I made to put the rigged model under,

and the (x) gameobject is also an empty gameobject i made to put the weapons under, any ideas why this happens?