Weird spritesheet texture in shader graph

Hey there. Can anyone tell me why my texture is weird? never encountered this. THANK YOU


The preview for nodes does not show the alpha channel from an image.
All content in the RGB channels is displayed (even where it’s covered by transparency, as this information is often used by shaders).

To reduce fringing artifacts at the transitions around transparent parts of an image, colour is usually flood-filled into the surrounding areas by the application that created the original image, and this is what you are seeing.

What to do:

Ignore the RGB representation of the image, and feed the Alpha (A) channel from the sampler into the Alpha output of the graph.

If you do want to see a version of the RGB where transparency is black, multiply the RGB channels with the A channel. It is best not to use this as the output as it may introduce transparency artifacts, but you could feed it into a Preview node.

I describe it more here if you’re interested.