Weird stripes on Hexasphere

I made a hexasphere in Blender, made all the hexagons a individual object and imported it into Unity. When I tried to apply a material to all the hexagons, I’m getting these weird stripes around the sphere as to see in the image. I’ve read about hexasphere texturing problems, but there the sphere was one object, but I have a sphere of individual objects, and I dont understand why im getting these issues. Any help very appreciated, thanks in advance.

Well, that just looks like the normal UV seam. Keep in mind that a sphere is an endless looping surface in all directions. First of all your texture has to be tilable so if you place the same texture twice next to each other you shouldn’t see any seam. If you do see a seam, your texture isn’t tilable. The next part is how do you generate the UV coordinates? To arrange hexagon shapes seamlessly next to each other you need continuous UV coordinates. So the hex tiles at the left and right border would overflow the texture boundary. There’s the last point: your texture wrap mode has to be set to “repeat”.

You could try using my UVViewer to see how the actual unwrap of your model looks like in texture space.

Found the solution by myself: Blender was making problems, so I cleared the UV maps in Blender and unwrapped all objects again, now its working fine